Entry #1

First Installment of The Shit List submitted!

2009-01-03 00:11:56 by r4d10

That's right Newgrounders, the first episode of The Shit List, an internet radio program, has been released! This radio is dedicated to allowing users from either Junglespot.com or Newgrounds.com to anonymously BASH THE HELL out of any user they choose. ANY USER. You can tell a head admin here that's he's a whiny cunt and to shut the fuck up for all we care, we'll still post it LIVE on r4d10.
Just follow the link on my profile (Right here) and type /join #Newgrounds so you can start posting your shit on people you hate on Newgrounds.com. It's basically GUARENTEED to be posted on r4d10 within days, or even hours of your submission. There are no boundaries, there are no rules, there are no restrictions. If you're mad enough, you can even tell us who you are and we can post that on to, so people can really find out what you think of them!

That's all for now folks, have fun watching episode one. Episodes 1-14 are at http://r4d10.sytes.net/theshitlist/ just not animated, so check those out to.

Leave reviews, rate fairly.

~Leo of r4d10.

First Installment of The Shit List submitted!


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2009-01-03 02:45:56

the bigger the pie... the more slices

my mind is hurting... in a good way

when the monkey talks, all will listen... .

we do not see where we are now, only where we were, and where we want to be

an elephant without teeth is still an elephant... a sorry excuse for a elephant

r4d10 responds:

ummm right